Visitors book - local comments - Innerleithen May 2004
Derek Oliver It would be great if this was a permanent artists space. Is this possible?
Susan Stewart A marvellous, soothing film which embodies the splendour and the friendliness of wind farms. Thank you.
Graham McPherson From an engineering and artistic point of view, the filmshow demonstrates how useful and graceful they can be. A good show which is bound to heighten awareness of the issue locally and further afield. 
Steve Broon Awe-inspiring
Ross McGinn Very well presented and shows one other positive side of windfarms. Thanks for doing this in Innerleithen. 
Laurel Vaughan Very ominous - a good film for anti-windfarm campaigners in my opinion, of whose camp I'm in now. 
D Whiteford No Comment 
Joan Excellent piece of art and photography. I especially enjoyed the base of the man standing against the windmill. The amount of energy required to support the human race- the windmills are a cleaner form of energy and they also will do less damage. 
K Currie Very enlightening 
G Cheyne Very Interesting 
J Whitford Beautiful event - not only that but simple and unpretentious. 
M Hornsby Excellent film - very well edited and mixed together. Gives a great perspective on these wonderful machines/sculptures. 
M Falla Very interesting 
N Scott Very futuristic-progressive. Massively inventive - suppose we will get used to them - human race always does. 
Alan Bruce The film reconfirms my feelings that the Minch Moor windfarm will be a blotch on the hillside. Just look at Palm Springs CA! 
Ailsa Boag The imagery used in the film showed me that the windfarm is actually a more aesthetically pleasing thing than has been said.
Shiela Bullock This film is interesting and informative. I think the benefits would outweiggh the drawbacks. 
John and Daphne Taylor Interesting. A lot better than electricity pylons. 
Mrs M Yates Very interesting. 
Iain ....? Demonstarted artistic power (?) of windfarms. To some they are an abomination. 
Jean and ? Ronisen A most impressive presentation and helped to explian the development of windpower.
Phil Denning A really impressive piece of work that makes you look at windfarms in a new way. Well done! 
Brunton Hunter Very impressive, shows windfarms in a good light ('scuse the pun) 
May Thomson Really enjoyed the film. Windfarms are a great idea for the the future. We should have more of them. 
D.C.McFarlane If it will bring electric cheaper it good. 
J & M Armstrong Mind-blowing Fantastic filming, breathtaking experience. 
Ryan Swan Really interesting. See again with mum and brother. 
Arran Sheill Very Good 
A Hay VG Filming.
Callum DVD copy please. 
Sarah and Peter Yeoman A very spiritual piece and worth the trek. A very creative team. 
Ann Muir Beautiful. Any possibility this could be a community income-generating project? 
Cabrind Yue It's nice place but it can be more attarctive if add some person inside. 
Rita Bean Fascinating - superb way of getting energy. 
Simon Blair An impressive piece of work. Brings home the scale and power of these machines while also showing their strong aesthetic presence within their local setting. 
Derek Kemp Beautiful piece. Makes me want to go and see. 
Win Vallance Very interesting film 
Peter Vallance Enjoyed the film. I programme films at the Universal Hall, Findhorn and would be happy to show it. 
Chiaka Yahata Windmills were so beautiful, dancing in the wind. 
Mary Rose and Doug Ives Enjoyed the experience and will never look at these structures in the same light again. 
Geoff Whitten Mesmeric, balletic and beautiful - cartwheeling giants! Every windfarm (windmillfarm) a landscape tour-de-force: synchronised performance art ... and a beautiful film piece to boot! 
Douggie and Jean Barnett Absolutely fantastic. Even better when you are actually up beside them. 
Dave Lochead Beautifully done - captured the essence of these scultpural giants. 
John Knox Very elegant and not too intrusive where they are sited. 
J Anderson I feel that there is no harm in these windmills. They are a clean source of energy. 
M Catternole A good experience and an interesting reflection on windfarms. Shows the positive benefits if sited properly. 
J & S Allen Very interesting - worth a visit to the actual site. 
Sam Wade Beautiful structures. Clean and will leave no footprint when they come out of use (not like nuclear). 
Carol Farmer Fantastic film, very 'spacey' with sound, makes you want to take a trip up there. Thanks for the show! 

Ailsa Lochead

Beautiful film, very moving. Captures sense of location, place and experience of the mills. You've put feeling into the film & that's hard to capture. Thanks. 
Alison Forbes Wonderfully absorbing - like a meditation. Powerful imagery, beautifully edited with mesmeric sound. Truly emotive. 
David Bell Very good. 
Andrena Johnston Interesting film - very well done. 
Katie Haddon I was very impressed with the film and now have different feelings about the shole concept. I am keen to see them and look forward to the trip. 
Denise Hanks Interesting but I am still of the same opinion that they are industrial structures and should not be erected in areas of outstanding natural beauty. We have to be careful where we site these machines. 
Karen Quinn Very interesting and very well filmed. 
Erin Black Very well filmed. Completely changed my ideas about windfarms. 
Marcy Hamilton I thought it was really cool like Dynamic Earth. 
Sean Grant Brilliant, Gobsmacking.