Prima Luce (First Light)

A personal study in vanishing and appearing, through Italian light and some birdwatching. Acts of recording, things fleetingly seen and felt, while inscribing the corpus-anima in sunlight through refracting glass and water, and multiple exposures. The work draws on Marsilio Ficino’s 1494 book on sunlight, De Sole, in which he says “light penetrates into the innermost parts of things, but it mixes with none of them… nothing is clearer, nor more obscure”. I was also thinking of Jacques Derrida’s assertion that all photographs are of the sun.

Runtime: 9m 11s

You can see a one minute preview on Vimeo, or for access to the full 9 minute online screener, please contact me to request a password.

Available screening formats: Single channel HD digital video. Source formats: 16mm and digital

Credits: Directed by Richard Ashrowan. Special thanks to The Museum Of Loss and Renewal, Collemachia, Italy. Tracy Mackenna and Edwin Janssen. Supported by the South of Scotland Visual Artist and Craft Maker Awards funded by Creative Scotland, Dumfries and Galloway Council and Live Borders.