Folding In

“The effect of today’s light on today’s skin, a bony wrist, blue-veined, an unrepentant pulse, nails that disappear into a broken white line lost at the edge of a limb. This point of disappearance where the heat of my blood wells outwards, evaporating beyond the skin or, conversely, retracts chastened to the bone. All of this an intricate retreat before, during and beneath a graceless inner war”
Sandra Johnston

An improvisation provoked entirely by natural forms, tracing the fluid boundaries between an inner world, traces of lived trauma, and outward nature. Time here folds inwards, held and gently suspended within the film frame. Edited in-camera, Folding In extends an ongoing collaboration between performance artist Sandra Johnston and the filmmaker.

Runtime: 6m 08s

To see the full online screener, please contact me to request a password.

Available screening formats: Single channel HD digital video. Source format: 16mm

Actions: Sandra Johnston
Camera: Richard Ashrowan
Commissioned and produced by Lívia Páldi at Project Arts Centre, Dublin, for Sandra Johnston’s solo exhibition Wait It Out, 29 Aug – 19 Oct, 2019. Supported by the Irish Museum of Modern Art and Northumbria University, UK