That Apart

“The Troubles created a generation of escapologists. My generation became experts in the art of disappearances and denials followed by ignominious returns. My memory is fatally fractured, it divides and subdivides and disintegrates, but never outgrows its causes.”
Sandra Johnston

Negotiating personal and historical narratives in relation to sectarian violence in Northern Ireland, That Apart extends an ongoing collaboration between performance artist Sandra Johnston and filmmaker Richard Ashrowan. Compiled from a five-day encounter inside a bare gallery at Project Arts Centre, Dublin, a series of singular actions and gestures evolve, transitional moves that Johnston describes as an ‘autopsy of performative gestures’ from her 27 years of practice. Performing directly for camera, a solitary, exacerbated relationship to the artist’s body emerges.

Runtime: 7m 52s

To see the full online screener, please contact me to request a password.

Available screening formats: Single channel HD digital video. Source format: Digital HD video

Actions: Sandra Johnston
Camera: Richard Ashrowan
Commissioned and produced by Lívia Páldi at Project Arts Centre, Dublin, for Sandra Johnston’s solo exhibition Wait It Out, 29 Aug – 19 Oct, 2019. Supported by the Irish Museum of Modern Art and Northumbria University, UK