Windmills of Innerleithen

Filmed at the Bowbeat windfarm, this project sought to explore the awareness and presence of a windfarm within the local Scottish Borders community of Innerleithen. Featuring the journey to and experience of being among the wind turbines, the films were then shown on an ongoing loop in an empty shop on Innerleithen high street. The film aimed to be agnostic about the political issues surrounding windfarms, instead giving an experience of sensory immersion in the windfarm site itself. It uses surround-sound recordings of the site alongside an immersive 3 screen projection within the shop.

Runtime: 9m 30s

To see the full online screener, please contact me to request a link and password.

Produced during a period of collaborative practice with the artist Alexander Hamilton.

The Windmills of Innerleithen subsequently toured as part of Drift, an international touring programme of sound and video art, curated by Iliyana Nedkova. This had its World Premiere at the 58th Edinburgh International Film Festival 7 Aug – 19 Sept 2004.

You can download the essay by Iliyana Nedkova: The Windmills of Innerleithen – the New Readymades and Menhirs of the North produced for the exhibition publication.

Also the press release and visitor comments.

Available screening formats:
SD digital video, multi channel (up to three screens). Source format: DV Pal 720×576

Concept: Alexander Hamilton & Richard Ashrowan, Camera, sound & editing: Richard Ashrowan.

Shannon Tofts / Photography
Iliyana Nedkova / Curator Stills Gallery / New Media Scotland
Roger Winfield / Aeolian Harp
Cantlin Ashrowan / Web design
Paul Grime / Print design
Mike Reynolds / Saville AV contact / Projectors
Hazel McBride and James Spence / RIAS